Contemporary operation of submersible pumps’ pumping systems is mainly focused on energy-saving water intakes and providing water to treatment stations. The issue of energy savings influences the optimization of the pumping systems construction, metering and their proper conduct of the optimal operation management by appropriate control and monitoring. All these issues require cooperation in different fields, such as: hydrogeology, pump technology, hydromechanics, electrotechnics, systems engineering, automatics, etc. The most important issue for the operation of submersible pumps is the right choice of pump parameters for working conditions in the pumping system of water intakes. The proper selection of a submersible pump guarantees a high energy efficiency in future operation of a submersible pumping unit and ensures its long-term and reliable functioning. Mathematical models developed for the selection of pumps for the current characteristics of the well and pumping system together with energy consumption models: well – pumping unit – pipe fittings, systemically change the way of managament of the intakes operation. The SPMSYSTEMSabmersible Pumps Managment system is an example of a modern approach to management and operation of pumps and deep-water intakes being currently implemented in Poland and abroad.

The system is designed for water and mining companies or other companies dealing with the operation of submersible pumps and intakes of underground water. It is perfect for operation of the strip mine drainage of e.g. brown coal or for management and control of drainage with the use of submersible pumps coming from the closed hard coal mines.

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